A Clash of Kings


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    A Clash of Kings – Book 2 of A Song of Ice and Fire

    A Clash of Kings, is a fantasy fiction novel. It is the second installment in A Song of Ice and Fire novel series. It is beautifully written by George R.R. Martin.

    He is an international bestselling author of the greatest epic fantasy of all time, A Song of Ice and Fire. If you want to know about his other better novels then A Dance with the Dragons is one of them. However, nothing could beat the class and quality of his A Game of Thrones novel.

    Roy Dotrice once again gave his voice in this second novel of the series. There was a drastic decline in his performance as he struggled with the correct pronunciation of names and places along with a lack of voice variations as well.

    The cold winds were on the rise throughout Westeros. Chaos reigned as the claimants to the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms stake their assertions through mayhem, tempest, and war. The chaos continued everywhere from the Dragonstone, an ancient citadel to the hostile lands of the Winterfell.

    A Clash of Kings

    The prophecy of doom cuts all across the sky. That was the time when five factions struggled a lot to gain control of a massively divided land. There were incidents of brother scheming against brother while the dead were seen walking in the night.

    With all the fratricide, incest, transformation, and murder, the price of triumph was only measured in blood all across.

    A Clash of Kings is an exceptional and captivating novel from a wonderful series. The more you listen to this book, the more you would like to be there with the characters of the story.


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    1. This is not Roy Dotrice’s voice. This is a female? And quite frankly, her pronunciations are as poor at times, with quite a few hesitations here and there. Not too difficult to listen to, however..


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