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    Slow Productivity The Lost Art of Accomplishment Without Burnout By Cal Newport


    A New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, and IndieBound Bestseller Offers a Brilliant and Timely Rethinking of Productivity

    In his latest groundbreaking work, Cal Newport, the New York Times bestselling author of Digital Minimalism and Deep Work, delivers a much-needed philosophical reframing of how we pursue meaningful accomplishment while avoiding burnout. Our contemporary understanding of “productivity” is flawed, Newport argues, pushing us to equate busyness with useful effort and leaving us overwhelmed with endless tasks and meetings. Stuck between succumbing to the soul-crushing hustle culture or rejecting ambition entirely, we desperately need an alternative path.

    Newport’s solution? Look to history’s most impactful philosophers, scientists, artists and writers who mastered the art of producing valuable work built to endure. Drawing deep research into the habits and mindsets of luminaries from Galileo and Jane Austen to Georgia O’Keeffe, he outlines the key tenets of “slow productivity” – a more sustainable approach than our current state of aimless overwhelm.

    With incisive cultural criticism balanced by pragmatic, step-by-step advice, Newport deconstructs the absurdities of standard productivity dogma. In its place, he provides a masterful roadmap for cultivating a timeless, humane method of pursuing meaningful accomplishment. From radically rethinking workload management to introducing seasonal rhythms to prioritizing long-term quality over ephemeral output, Slow Productivity charts an escape from the modern malaise of overload.

    Make no mistake – the workforce is primed for a philosophical revolution, and Cal Newport’s paradigm-shifting masterwork provides exactly the vision we need. Brilliant, timely and deeply researched, it is certain to be a watershed critique of our current moment. For anyone yearning to rediscover craftsmanship, sustainability and authentic passion in their professional endeavors, this is a clarion call that must be heeded.

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