Kaiju: Battlefield Surgeon


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    Kaiju is not an ordinary game, it is a game where strange things appear as real and one playing the game can actually feel the pain. Moreover, there are elves and other fairy tale creatures which roam here and there in order to make your task more difficult. The demons are trying to enter the gates of heaven and if they remain successful then it would be all over very soon. Fighting against technology and demons at the same time is not easy but those who are trapped in the game must fight for survival because they have to experience real pain if they die.

    Also after feeling the pain of death, they are not allowed to rest in peace rather they are brought back to experience the same pain over and over again. Pains and troubles were really devastating in The Butcher’s Masquerade and Dominion of Blades but in those stories, the main characters had the luxury of dying which is absent in this novel. Dying in this novel means that you are coming back to relive the painful life again.

    Kaiju: Battlefield Surgeon

    Matt Dinniman has painted Duke as a perfect survivor who is bound to make it till the end of the game. In order to reach the end or win the game eventually, Duke has to show the other players and creatures present in the game that he is the most daring one of all. If he is going down then he will take the rest of the dominating groups with him. Joe Hempel’s voice has narrated Duke and also the rest of the characters in the novel. Still the listener will be able to feel the difference in intensity when the hero or villain is talking.

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