Demon Fallout



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    One series ends and then the other but the life of Michael Talbot never gets ideal in which he can rest and enjoys the leisure of life. Life has not been friendly to him but he never cries for help he is the sort of hero who helps other and keeps the passion alive. Mark Tufo brings Mike out of trouble not to make him feel relaxed but to insert him in a new problem in a new dimension.

    After two centuries of unending war with the zombies not only on one planet or in one world but all over the universe Mike has finally won the battle. With the winning of the battle he also has been able to fulfill the promise that he made with the people i.e he will make their survival possible. Making new friends and facing new enemies in Zombie Fallout 5Til Death Do Us Part , Convergence and other parts like that Mike thinks that he has been through it all.

    Demon Fallout

    Now a new problem comes to him destroying the cool of his life when he receives a message from the past. Tommy is in trouble, the one Mike cannot say no to not because he is his adopted son but he has been a true companion in the war time. It’s time to go back to go beyond for the person more worthy than his own Mike’s own flesh and blood.

    Though Tommy is a vampire but the enemy he confronts is far sinister than ever imagined by a man or a vampire. Embellished by the narration of Sean Runnette the Talbot adventure continues touching new heights all the time.

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