Kingdom of Bones


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    Echoes prophecy wars, wars that can destroy the planet and the people who live within in no time at all resulting is chaos and disaster all the time. First it was the elves kingdom that rose in Rise of the Ranger and in the Empire of Dirt had monsters and dragons in it. Whoever rose on the surface world it was not friendly to the humans at all except for the dragons who helped in the battlefield.

    The dragons were not that friendly to the humans but they knew the importance of the prophecy and also it was expected that there era was coming to an end. Fifth part by Philip C. Quaintrell brings more war, death and destruction for everyone. The third era was ending in the fourth part and everyone was quite clear about it because the prophecies were all coming true.

    Kingdom of Bones

    The elves, dwarfs were enough to ruin man and now rises the “fiend” an evil that most think never existed. It was just an old legend that none had any proof of, it was just written in the old oracles and now it has emerged from the Under Realm. Bad news for the people and the people instead of fighting think it better to run away this time. Namdhor is the last place where all can hide and regroup for the battle if it starts.

    It is darkness everywhere and the time has come to bring out the weapon that was made for such dark occasions. Steven Brand has used a lot of energy during narration on Gideon Thorn whose mind is ripped by thoughts of different kinds.  The hero fails to decide what to choose or whom to choose between the humans and the world of dragons.

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