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    Firestarter By Stephen King

    As the name indicates the readers, this story tells about a kid that has come into this world with a fire starting psychic power or Pyrokinesis that has enabled her to start fire anytime and anywhere she wants to, at home, on toys or anything could be set on fire when the kid stares at the object.

    The child in the story is the daughter of McGee and Vicky and was the subjects in an undercover lab where they took part in an experiment. Due to this some unusual power have been transmitted to their baby girl. Now the time comes when they teach their kid to control her power. But due to the immense power, she has the undercover agency called ‘The shop’ needs the child to use her as a perfect weapon which her father does not like.

    Firestarter By Stephen King

    The agency sends the agents to catch them up and the thrill starts. All the horror, suspense, and fiction elements are there to carry on this wonderful story describing how they keep on trying to escape from the attacking agents and all the happenings that are surrounding them horrifically.

    The chase becomes a nightmare for all and has terrifying effects on the people living nearby. The story has all the ingredients as a thriller, a suspense novel, and fiction with a touch of fantasy as well. The struggle and efforts made by the family to escape from the agents also describe the courage. Stephen has made the ground for the story with a strong belief and imagination to give the reader the best out of the imaginary world just as he did in The Dark Tower I, Sleeping Beauties and Tommyknockers.

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