The Perfect Retreat


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    Love tales and author Kate Forster possess a deep relationship for sure because when a book has Kate’s name on it then it is bound to spread love all around. Kate’s books are loved by the young and the adults at the same time. The Upside Down Christmas showed how the main character faced changes in her life as her flatmate planned differently for her during the Christmas holidays.

    Christmas Eve always has a special impact in these stories Starting Over at Acorn Cottage can also be taken as a good example in this accord. Rachael Tidd has narrated most of these stories so the voice of the narrator has played a role in creating an association as well. Willow is in trouble in this story, she has remained an icon over a large period of time and now she and her three children are in deep trouble.

    The Perfect Retreat

    Her partner has stranded her in this time of need and she has no one on whom she can rely. Soon the house in which she is living at that particular time would get seized by the bank because she has not been able to pay the installment of the loan.

    Kitty, the nanny of the children does not want to leave the children because she has been attached to the family for a long time. So she comes up with a solution. Kitty tells Willow that she can come with her to her ancestral home where she can stay until the trouble is over. Willow agrees and when they arrive at the house they find out that Kitty’s brother has also returned. This starts a new chapter in Willow’s life i.e the one she has never thought about.

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