The Silent Tower


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    Magic and computer technology are poles apart from each other and the professionals from both fields don’t believe on the skills of each other. Barbara Hambly begins the novel with the murder of a magician on the street. In the dark world it was not a new thing at all but Stonne Caris takes the matter seriously as he knows that it was not the first murder. Such things have been happening in his world for a long time and Caris thinks that he must get to the criminal on this occasion in order to reach to the core of the crime scene.

    The Silent Tower

    While chasing the killer, Caris suddenly loses him and when he investigates further he sees a portal that can take a living being to another dimension. It means that the killer actually shifted himself to another dimension but still it did not explain the motive of the killing. After these incidents, the author takes the audience to the other side of the portal where Joanna i.e a computer programmer is busy in her own work.

    Nicole Poole narrates Joanna’s character in an extensive way so that the audience can understand that she is not like Caris at all. Joanna has spent her life, looking into issues linked to computers and software thus she knows nothing about magic. However when she is transported to the world of magic she has to do everything to survive and save the world too. Dragonsbane and Graveyard Dust are other awesome tales that can leave a good impression on the mind of those who like fiction and fantasy. There are a lot of concepts related to other dimensions and portals that act as a gate way to these dimensions in this novel. The listener should have some idea about these things first before listening to this novel.

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