The Lost Swarm


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After many wars and struggles the Star Watch still reigns supreme over the earth and the rest of the stars. Though several crew members and ships have been lost and the wars have done heavy damage of all sorts but after every such war the Star Watch has emerged in character and strength. Vaughn Heppner makes the series unending one as another threat approaches the atmosphere. But this time after facing calamities like the swarm and the Androids the team is ready for everything.

The Lost Swarm

The war is of different sort this time the condition is like we saw in the initial stages of the series, there is restlessness in the society rebellious nature of several sections of society is on the rise. This is the issue against which a massive campaign cannot be launched because it can start a mutiny in the entire star system.

Lord Drakos is trying to form a bond with Thrax Ti Ix which too is not good news for the people of the earth. He should be stopped at all cost and if not then the war is near and clear because what Drakos search for is not friendly at all. He moves on his quest far beyond the world of the swarm colony thus it is do or die situation for both sides.

The first one to act will get the upper hand in the war that will break out sooner or later. The Lost Star Gate and The Lost Artifact are not with the same plot but if someone wants to get more information about basic elements then these two must be read.


The Lost Supernova

The Lost Colony Lost Starship 4


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