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    Genesis: First Colony, Book 1

    A new military science fiction with a promise of action ahead come to the scene, it has been a while since Ken Lozito presented something for the fans. The novel starts on earth and then everything is shifted to the space because earth faces a catastrophe that takes the life of millions. The human race never faced such a calamity before and perhaps would never face it again because there is nothing left after this one.


    Lives are lost on a massive scale and then suddenly when the story shifts in outer space we come to know that there are only 300000 people on board. The ship is launched in order to form a new colony in outer space and thus the search for a new home starts. Connor somehow gets into this newly established colony of which he never wanted to be a part but then again he was short of options.


    Connor was never a perfect match with the people present in the colony but he proves to be a blessing for all of them because only he could tackle the problems that are present on the way. One man army is what the character is all about; he battles his way out of troubles and along with it the first colony of what is left of the human race. Nemesis and Legacy the next two parts in the series can only be understood if one goes through the first part real slow.

    There are details in every portion that should be kept in mind only then can be the progress of story enjoyed. Scott Aiello’s narration is accurate and there is a weakness that the narrator does not try to change the style at different levels according to situation. Still it is understandable and clear with no pause in any of the parts.


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