Earth Aflame


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    The next level in the robotic invasion come with a real bang, no one ever expected that the machines that were made to comfort man would become a devil for them. The machines want to tame the human and use them as they once used them for their own benefits. Massive killing is in order because the humans try to resist the change and the sad thing is that the humans once killed cannot be rebuilt.

    Daniel Arenson puts the mankind in one problem and then the other after which they are immune to the changes related to the outer space that they beard with patience in Earth Lost and Earth Rising. But still they weren’t expecting their slaves to rise and this time they cannot get the help of the machines they used in the wars before. The four heroes who have now become legends still work for the survival of whole race.

    Marco, Addy and the rest of the gang really bring their heart out in the battle against the metal heads now. They don’t have cars or ship now because these things are on the side of the machines. The bone changes into bane and there is one way out from all of this i.e destroy all the Cyborgs and the machines under their control.

    Earth Aflame

    Everything is not easy but even if it is achieved the man will be sent back to the Dark Age again and his defense would be weaker than ever against any foreign invasion. No change or weakness in the quality of the voice of Jeffrey Kafer. The narrator has made very rare mistakes in all the episodes and in some of the books his voice was the key toward the fame.

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