Earth Machines


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    Many expected book nine to end in a different way but Earth Eternal had the same ending that was seen in the end that ended the battle with the scum. Now the earth is finally in the state of peace, the heroes Marco and Addy are married, living a life of their dreams.

    They never thought that they would one day be able to live a life that they never planned in their dreams even. Now they have family and their children make them feel that they are alive. Love, romance and feeling have come back to the earth and people have started living a peaceful life. They have an extra edge i.e they are using the advanced alien technology which the enemy left and which they developed during the war.

    Earth Machines

    Machines are everywhere and the human race is more dependent on then than ever before. The humans who have survived the deadly blows from two different alien races now think that they can confront any threat from anywhere. Marco and his team weren’t expecting that the luxury items they were relying on would turn against them one day all of a sudden.

    Out of nowhere the calamity falls and changes everything the machines go out of control and start to govern their own life. Not only this, the machine take over the human life too by making them slaves once again. Daniel Arenson gives a new dimension to his fabulous series that is taking place on the planet this time. Jeffrey Kafer utilizes a robotic pattern to narrate the invasions of the machines this time on the human race.

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