Earth Rising

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The drama gets reloaded with another war episode that was piling up in the previous two parts Earth Alone and  Earth Lost. First the human race was down but after the first win there was hope among the ranks that defeating the scum was possible. Humanities last hope is the fleet that is prepared by the people of the earth to launch a war against the scum.

If the scum is not evacuated it will surely kill each and every human there is in the world. Daniel Arenson writes in flying colors to tell that the humans are now prepared at least mentally. If all of the humans die they will at least die fighting the scum on its turf.

This time the humans with their fleets of thousands of ships are going to the planet of the scum to destroy not only them but their planet too once and for all. Everyone is on the same page and ready to die while fighting against the damned enemy. Marco Emery wants to kill the Scum emperor and with him are Addy and Rosa his trusted allies.

Millions of troops reach the rogue planet for the fight of a life time in the Firebirds. Aggression is raw and is clearly depicted in the character that has been loved the most so far i.e Addy. Addy saw her parent die and their dead bodies taken away by the scum so she plays by no mercy rules when it comes to the aliens. Jeffrey Kafer ends with high and sentimental pitch a science fiction that has created a real association with the teenagers.

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