Earth Shadows


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    Alien invasion always brings catastrophe to the land with the foreign race trying to take over the world after enslaving the human race. This time the aliens known as marauders entered the earth’s orbit with such might that no one from the earth had the power to stand against it. They not only slaughtered the human race but also tamed them like pets and the most dominant specie of the planet lost all its glory in a single jerk.

    Engaged in the camps the humans still have a ray of hope that one day they would be able to achieve their lost glory. Sergeant Marco Emery and his squad have firm belief on an old myth related to the ship that could turn the course of any battle within no time.

    Earth Shadows

    Though no one has ever seen that ship for centuries now but it does not mean that it seize to exist. Also the humans have left with nothing else except hope, all the battleships that they once had were destroyed in the battle during the alien invasion.

    The Ghost Fleet myth was in the whispers in Earth Alone and Earth Lost  but now is the time that Daniel Arenson will really make the myth real in front of our eyes. There is also another question being raised now that if the Ghost Fleet fails what would be the fate of everyone who have all hopes attached to it. Jeffrey Kafer depicts the hard times on the people wonderfully well, voice becoming dull and gloomy at every step.

    Flow and rhythm is still unaltered and these five books are in a sweet coordination with one another. The faces don’t change randomly only the scenes and situations.

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