Earth Fire


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    A real exhausted picture of the humans is witnessed in this fourth part of the series, they have been fighting hard for their lives and honor for decades without rest. The first alien invasion was of the scum was ample to tease every living being on the planet and when it was dealt neatly after many sacrifices another monster landed. The marauders are worse than the scum i.e they are predators that show no mercy towards any living being that comes in their way.

    This time it is the human race that is in their way because they want earth at their disposal. It has been five years since the emergence of this creature in the earth’s atmosphere and the humans have failed in every attempt to defeat it. It was Marco Emery who emerged on the scene in Daniel Arenson’s initial parts of the series Earth Alone and Earth Lost  and he is still there but the focus is lost.

    Earth Fire

    His mind is constantly haunted by the scenes of the previous war and he thought he would not take part in any such battle again. Now he must unite the squad once again because the people of the earth need them otherwise the previous sacrifices would be dashed to the ground. Jeffrey Kafer’s narration has some loose end; firstly the pauses are there and then the narrator has tried to overdo a thing which was not necessary at all.

    The narration is going fine with Jeffrey’s voice, the man knows the character quite well now and no change is needed in the pattern at all everything is fine if left unaltered.

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    1. I have figured out how to fully enjoy these books. Everytime the author starts in again with the leftist propaganda i now skip forward 2 min & get back to the great story line.


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