Lions of Kandahar



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    Another book full of personal memories about the Afghan war that takes the readers to the streets and caves of Kandahar in order to show what really happened there. During the war there were many outclass missions that took place and one of those missions was associated to Major Rusty Bradley who starts narrating the tale along with Kevin Maurer. The battle of Kandahar was perhaps the most deadly one because the enemy wanted their strong hold on the area at every cost.

    There were tunnels and hideouts everywhere thus making it difficult for the army to move ahead in the area. Several squads tried but the full grip on the land was never possible, even the areas that they got hold off were constantly attacked. The enemy wanted to have its hold on the area because it was a matter of pride for them. The area that American army got from the enemy was constantly being lost and it meant that the struggles and sacrifices of the army officers was going waste.

    Lions of Kandahar

    Thus the most massive attack in the history is launched along with the aid of the NATO forces to get rid of the enemy forever. The valley of Panjwayi was like an enemy compound where not even an inch could be secured by the soldiers because of the threat of the ambush. The first attack was launched and the army faced heavy damage because they were facing thousands of soldiers who were not only trained but they also knew the place well. Still after a heavy fighting the troops were able to take over that piece of land after losing many of their friends. Eric G. Dove goes smooth in narration and even the war scenes are not given too much dramatic sounds still overall the narration is good.

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