Outlaw Platoon



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    Tales of war are always fascinating for the young minds and if they are real they surely have a piece of history attached to them. Sean Parnell and John Bruning depict such a true incident that is linked deeply with the war in Afghanistan. There was not much in the media about such things thus the stories remained untold and the American nation was unaware of the heroic performances of their men. It is the 10th mountain division that takes a stand against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

    Sean Parnell was just twenty four years of age when he became the head of the elite force known in the army as the Outlaws. They were given a mission to eradicate an outpost that was supposed to be Pakistan based. The troop started the mission and they thought that it would just be a simple mission i.e getting rid of some civilians present on the post.

    Outlaw Platoon

    But once they reached the spot they came to know about the true nature of the problem. The men they faced were highly trained and they had a complete idea of their surroundings and could attack from everywhere without being traced.

    They fought for more than sixteen months for the post and the troop became so much attached to one another that they were more of a family after that. They even come to know about each other’s habits that they usually didn’t care but now they had such a time with one another that they even knew about the families of one another. Ray Porter an expert in narration produces a fine effect in the part of emotion and sensation

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