Thank You for My Service



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    Though fighting bad guys is a serious issue especially if you are in the army but Mat Best, Ross Patterson and Nils Parker talks about all this stuff in a lighter sense. It does not mean that they don’t take their jobs or missions seriously but they wanted to relax the audience as well. Mat best even takes the narration job in his own hand so that he can keep the element of fun alive in the job.

    The three rangers tell us about military’s secret missions in which they operated as well, they tell us how much they liked their duty. Their duty included fighting with the enemy and killing the bad guys as well. They still like their duty because it was fun for them, a life full of enthusiasm as they lived through it all in high spirit. The soldiers don’t even need any thankful speeches from all around because first of all it was their duty and secondly they were enjoying it. The three tell us about the missions that were never leaked by the army or perhaps not big enough to be discussed in the media.

    Thank You for My Service

    Like the blowing of a truck full of militants and then of course the suicide attacks in front of you. Mat Best even tells us about the skin allergies that he and his colleagues beard in aka Columbus. Then they went to places like the Ramadi where they invaded the army houses but all this was their duty and they need no thankful speeches or rewards for their services.

    Everything about the book is lively and energetic and the true nature of a soldier is described at length.

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