Demon Star


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    In this book, Demon Star, B. V. Larson has teamed up with David VanDyke for the writing. The authors are both known to be the bestsellers individually and in collaboration as well. The have been successful individually and also as a team of two.

    They both have ventured together in quite a few other novels as well. A couple of novels jointly written by them are Exile and Demon Star. Both these recommended novels have done well for them and are part of the Star Force science fiction fantasy series.

    Demon Star

    The Demon Star novel is a beautiful military based contemporary science fiction fantasy. 3 stars, 3 worlds, 3 civilizations and there was one massive war. On this triple star system, no two planets are equal. When the Demon Star comes closest in the orbit, the Insectoids is the one that always invade.

    They come and raid the inner world with forbidding orderliness and riding hordes of stealth ships in the ever-growing breakers. The prime mission here is to destruct all the opposition that include humans, aliens or otherwise.

    Cody Riggs is close to an eternal chain of interstellar rings. He flies his own starships force right into the midst of a timeless struggle for survival that is set amid the 3 civilizations. He takes the ownership in order to support the peaceful worlds, but only manages to bring more disaster for the humanity.
    Mark Boyett is the voice behind this audiobook. He made it quite interesting for the audience with his powerful voice and soulful tone. He is an experienced narrator and made all his prior experience count in making this one of his finest audiobook to be remembered.

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