Doctor Who-The Drosten’s Curse


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    Doctor who is not something new for the people who like fiction and suspense combined with thrill and a lot of action. A.L. Kennedy presents the series in a new way where the concept of leaving things as they are emerges and the writer gives a new idea of spending life i.e forgetting about all the tears and worries and try to run your mind somewhere else, but the problem is that can such thing be adopted correctly and fully.

    Doctor Who-The Drosten’s Curse

    Doctor Who-The Drosten’s Curse

    The story opens with the mystery about the golfers who are dragged from the scene forever by some mysterious force. It could be anyone who is behind all of it even Mrs. Fetch could be put in consideration. The Doctor this time gets the help of the two Fetch brothers who help him to understand the whole thing and to get to the bottom of the whole thing. There are several books of this series that can be enjoyed along with this book    Doctor Who – The Drosten’s Curse – A.L. Kennedy, Day – A. L. Kennedy is the book related to the Doctor Who series by the same writer. The story right from the start refers to something alien that lies underneath the ground hunting the golfers who play on those play fields, thus there is an element of mystery also involved in the part.

    There is also another problem Bryony in the story is losing her mind slowly and steadily. The narration department is tackled by Clare Corbett who is an expert in the Doctor Who series. The suspense also rises more and more which is typical element of these stories and the alien that does not appear in its full form at the start also keep an haunting our minds till it is captured.   


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