Exit Strategy


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    Martha Wells is back again with another sensational novel with the title of Exit Strategy. The book is chapter 4 of Murderbot Diaries. The novel is a contemporary science fiction fantasy, which fulfils all quality aspects of literary writing. The novel is also the concluding chapter of the series, where Martha Wells managed to give it a great ending.

    The author has written several other novels that are first rated. A couple of those good novels are Artificial Condition and All Systems Red.

    In this concluding chapter, the story that started with All Systems Red will come to its poetic justice.

    The Murderbot was never programmed in a way to be used for care. Therefore, its decision for the sake of helping the human who should give it some sort of respect ever must definitely be a system glitch. This should be the case, right?

    Exit Strategy

    Having traveled far and width the entire width and length of the galaxy, Muderbot is finally heading towards its home. It traveled that much for the sake if unearthing the minute details of its own homicidal wrongdoings and as well as those that are associated with GrayCris Corporation. Murderbot is making its way now towards home for the sake of helping Dr. Mensah. He was the former owner, friend, protector and a supporter of Murderbot. This was the case and the association between both, right?

    Murderbot wanted to share some evidence with Dr. Mensah. This evidence might help GrayCris Corporation in restricting destruction of more colonists. Further, it might also help in the never ending hunt for profit, which wasn’t slaking at all.

    But, who will be there to trust a SecUnit that became a scoundrel?

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