Artificial Condition

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The Artificial Condition novel continues the tempting Murderbot Diaries. It is a contemporary science fiction fantasy novel series. It goes on to tackle the many questions associated with the conscience of the emotional robotics. The main protagonist of this novel and the series is a fatal sanctuary droid.

It is the one that has bucked all of its restrictive programming. This put it in balance between the meditative self-discovery and a deep indolent drive of butchering all of the human beings. As being a programmed or a computerized machine with no emotion, feelings or a heart, it went on to become a massive failure.

It has a very mysterious dark past. The dreadful past where quite a huge number of human beings were killed. It was a past that prompted it to christen itself as the Murderbot. However, it only has some vague memories from the past, especially about the horrific massacre. Those brutal killings of people in the past has actually spawned that title of Murderbot and no it is looking to know more.

The novel is written by Martha Wells. She is good with her fictional writing and her Exit Strategy and Rogue Protocal did quite well for the author.

After getting teamed with a resourceful Research Transport vessel, which is known as ART, things changed drastically. The Murderbot now is all set to go to the mining facility where it all went rogue. What actually the Murderbot discovers there would completely change the way it thinks.

The narration of this science fiction fantasy is done by Kevin R. Free in a very interesting manner. His tone, accent and expression were all just so brilliant.

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