All Systems Red


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    Martha Wells is an experienced American writer. She is a maestro in writing the best speculative fiction. The author has published a good number of fantasy novels, media tie-ins, young adult novels, nonfiction essays and some good short stories as well. Moreover, the author has also been decorated with many awards. Some of the prominent ones include Locus Award, z couple of Nebula Awards and a pair of Hugo Awards as well.

    Artificial Condition and Exit Strategy are a couple of popular novels from the author. They became even more popular with their audio formats.

    All Systems Red is a contemporary science fiction novel from Martha Wells. The book is volume 1 of Murderbot Diaries. Kevin R. Free has done the narration of this chapter. As per the reviews and feedbacks received, he has done a fantastic job with all his narration skills and expertise.

    All Systems Red

    The novel brilliantly handle some serious questions about the mannerism of the sentient robotics. The prime character in the novel is actually a deadly security droid, which has buckled all its restrictive programming. It is composed well between an indolent disposition of killing all human beings and the thoughtful self-discovery.

    The terrestrial undertakings must always be sanctioned and supplied by the Company in any of the corporate-centric spacefaring prospect.

    Safety is never a major concern, especially in a society where contracts come to those who makes low bids.

    A team of some good scientists is conducting some big surface tests over a distant planet. They were shadowed through the droid supplied by their company.

    Martha Wells has got worldwide fame. This could be safely stated as many of her novels got translated in 8 different international languages.


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