Rapture in Death


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    A suicide case emerges as a mysterious murder as police lieutenant Eve Dallas investigates it s bit deeper this time. We got the hint of technology in Glory in Death but this time it’s far terrible than that as three people who are supposed to commit suicide have burn marks in their brains. The three people who committed suicides were not connected to one another at all as one was an engineer, second one a lawyer and third one a politician.

    None of them were friends and neither did they have a common enemy but the marks in their brains make the thing suspicious. The other body parts never had any sign of injury and more to amazement their faces were with a smile even after death.

    Rapture in Death

    There are two things that Eve suspects; firstly the burns on the brain could be a genetic abnormality but then why this thing is common in all the three people who committed suicide on the same day. Secondly and most possibly it could the result of a high tech device that could be used for murders but again why these three were selected for such an experiment.

    Rapture in Death

    The clues are really folded in different layers this time and in order to bring out the criminal or the cause of murder Eve is forced to us all her skills that she developed in the last ten years. One thing is for sure that it’s not the doing of a single person a mob could be behind all this.

    Susan Ericksen is still going on nicely with her narration as this is the consecutive fourth part that she has narrated and no weakness is yet to be found in anything that she utters.


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