Glory in Death

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Technology is on the go as we step into the second chapter of the “In Death” series by J.D. Robb in the voice of Susan Ericksen who did a nice job in the previous part as well. Susan not only narrates the novel but also gives a lively feeling to it and that’s what makes the drama more appealing to the ear. The sensation can also be felt in the climax scenes which are just out of this world. The writer this time introduces more technology in the novel as the police try to reveal the killer behind two murders.

Eve starts looking for clues in the old traditional way and within no time the similarities between the two murders are put on the list. Both were women and not only that they were beautiful and successful as well. The list of their friendship was longer than she expected and unluckily Roarke’s name once again appears on the list. Roarke the same guy that she met in Naked in Death is now her life as she shares bed with him.

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But then again she cannot leave her case as it involves two murders and the crime scene depicts the same tale which means that the killer is the same person. A voice in her says that Roarke is not a suspect this time but the cop mind forces her to think in an entirely different way.

She looks for clues more desperately this time as it’s the battle of the mind and heart. Eve is also with another question in mind, that whether she was blinded by her physical desires when she met Roarke.


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