The Long Patrol: A WWII Novel


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A breathtaking thriller that takes you to the war zone that you have never seen or heard is what this novel offers to its readers and listeners. The writer Chris Glatte has done marvelously well in his first novel that surely has no apparent weakness at all. The plot is strong and the scenes are all well described and the situations that take us to the climax are well portrayed.

The story takes us to the battle of Guadalcanal where we find a troop fighting a battle which they apparently are not losing but the problem is they are also not winning as the Japanese show equal resistance from their side at each attempt of getting control of the area.

The Long Patrol: A WWII Novel

The troop thinks of reinforcing themselves by hiring the natives in their squad so they can finally outnumber their enemies in the battlefield. The experiment is done with great caution and the locals are tested and trained but just when the 164TH army division thinks that they can have the upper hand in the fight they are betrayed in the worst possible way and they experiment of recruiting the natives proves to be a disaster.

The troop is left with shortage of not only food but ammunition as well; the climax is achieved when it is up to the remaining members of the squad to win the war at any rate as they are left with no other way. Paul Costanzo narrates the war in a dramatic way and thus keeps the listeners engaged all the time, the sentimental scenes and the scenes of the betrayals are also well narrated. 


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Brought to Battle

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