Fingerprints of the Gods



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    Fingerprints of the Gods is a fictional book based on literary history and criticism genre under the subtitle of “The Quest Continues”. This title along with its subtitle seems interesting and this chapter is written by Graham Hancock. He is known for writing similar novels that usually involve ancient civilizations among some ancient myths and sometimes spirituality as well. Some of the most notable books from Graham Hancock are Magicians of the Gods and America Before. You will truly love both these recommended books in their audio formats, which will be an experience par excellence for sure.

    Graham Hancock himself has done the narration of this chapter. He managed to give a very powerful and soulful performance. He had full command over his voice when narrating those exciting ancient theories that the audience loved to the maximum.

    Fingerprints of the Gods

    The subject book is a kind of a revolutionary rewrite of ancient history that managed to persuade a good range of listeners all around the world. It prompted masse about changing their beliefs about the ancient history that is somehow connected with our modern society of today. Fingerprints of the Gods is more of an intellectual kind of a detective tale. This special history book prompts us to put questions on orthodox history and then draw our conclusion with the aid of some disturbing evidence.

    Graham Hancock has written this book quite well and it shows that a lot of research has also been done to bring the true ancient essence to the audience. The performance from Graham Hancock proved to be the icing on the cake and the audience was really in awe of this all-round genius named Graham.

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