The Ghost Club


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    The Ghost Club is a horror fiction novel that tells the newly found stories about Victorian terror. It is written by William Meikle. He is a Scottish author who has published more than 200 short stories and about 10 novels. His work has spread into 13 different countries so he has some international fame. You will also find his work appearing in several different anthologies. If you want to know about the best novels written by William Meikle then Watchers: The Battle for the Throne and Watchers: The Coming of the King would be at the top of the list.

    Ian Bladsmith has done the narration of this horror story. The performance was above average and there was nothing as such there to complain about the efforts put in by Ian.

    The Ghost Club

    It was in Victorian London where an elite group of writers uses to hold an informal and highly exciting dining club. It was led by Arthur Conan Doyle, Henry James, and Bram Stoker who all are quite accomplished in their league. The price for making an entry in this elite club was to tell a unique story by each of the guest invited there.

    The stories told there have mentioned their relevant loved ones, weird science, spectral appearances, lost cities, mysteries amid the old city, and a lot more on similar lines. All these stories were told by some of the most renowned writers of the time and it was great fun.

    The Ghost Club is a collection of short horror stories. It involves multiple authors with a variety of tales where all has got something unique and special for the audience.

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