LT’s Theory of Pets Audiobook

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    LT’s Theory of Pets By Stephen King

    The story is again quite beautifully painted by Stephen King and no doubt that has been his main strength all the time. His pen has beautifully described the life of pets and pet owners. Though the title firstly appeals to the pet lovers only but at the later stage becomes interesting for all. The strange touch in the story is also present that takes the listener away from the real or the physical world. The story possesses close resemblance with the stories like Blood and Smoke, Riding the Bullet, The Man in the Black Suit .The new element in the story is the prolonged humor in the first portion and make almost anybody laugh. The live recording has an effect on the audio but still the change is manageable once you get soaked in the tale. The story even though possesses humor but is still with a tragic or should we say a horrible ending.

    LT's Theory of Pets Audiobook

    Good for pet lovers no doubt but the exaggeration again takes us toward fiction that has been Kings main source of inspiration for years. The end like most of Kings tales amazes us all of a sudden when we are in search of a happy ending instead of a drastic one. Also we observe that how people can hang out with pets these days when they have no other human being left to share their life with. In the story too when the wife of the main character leaves he is left with no other option rather than to depend on the company of these pets.


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