The Quest


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    Once there was a trend to end books at trilogies, over the past few decades the fashion has changed and the fans like to listen to endless series. Wilbur Smith after writing parts like River God and Warlock did not become tired and has created a new one for the large audience which has been listening to every word of each book very carefully. Taita has fought against gods and warriors; he has faced the treachery of friends in the hundred years of his life thus he thinks he has confronted everything. Fighting a witch was not in his dictionary, he believed in witches when he was just a student but he never thought one would rise from the grave against him.

    The Quest

    The witch is deadlier than a vampire because she does not want the body rather she wants the soul. Eos is not an ordinary witch as she has emerged to show her domination to the world once again. Taita has not failed in his lifetime, if he fails this time he will lose everything which he has developed around him in the past hundred years of his life.

    Seeing just the husk of the people who used to live alongside Taita was heartbreaking for him and if he takes no step his fate would also be the same. From his book of wisdom Taita perhaps pulls up his last feat for the people of Egypt. Mark Meadows narrates every part better than the previous part and in this regard, the narrator deserves a big hand of applause from the fans. In the end, Taita looks exhausted and it is difficult that him would perform ever again.

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