Warlock:Ancient Egypt, Book 3

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    Warlock: Ancient Egypt, Book 3

    Taita is back after the gap of one book, the slave has made a name for himself in the land of Egypt where the corrupt usually rules in full power. Rising towards the stage of glory was not easy when there were treacheries all around the court. Continuing on the right path was tough but here Taita stands as a hero and a wise person who is praised by the whole kingdom.

    Being wise has saved him from many calamities but he never saw one thing coming i.e turning a friend into an enemy. His friend whom he trusted more than any of his allies deceives him and stabs him in his back when he needed him the most. Standing against loved ones is tough but duty and justice force Taita to rise more strongly.

    Warlock:Ancient Egypt, Book 3

    He has to save the young prince at every cost from the enemy who wants to get rid of him to crown a new king. Lord Naja thinks he is now the king and ruling the land was his right since birth. Nefer knows nothing about such treacheries but being the grandson of the queen he alone stands as the rightful future king.

    Gods, kings, and warriors all stand together against the wisdom of Taita who is now the warlock. This story is the continuation of River God, the second book The Seventh Scroll took us a little away from Taita’s war situation. This book brings us back to the battlefield through the narration of Mark Meadows. The ending of the book is not unique but it can be said that it was properly written and told.Warlock

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