Words of Radiance


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    Words of Radiance is a science fiction novel written by Brandon Sanderson. The novel is part 2 of the Stormlight Archive novel series, where audience had a great time with the opening novel of the series. Michael Kramer and Kate Reading tag teamed for the narration of this novel and this partnership returned fruitful result snot only for themselves, but also for the writer and the overall success of this audio book.

    6 years before, the Assassin in White, assassinated the Alethi king right on the night of a treat agreed between Parshendi and men. This led to the beginning of the vengeance Pact between the Alethkar highprincess and the War of the Reckoning fought against the Parshendi.

    Words of Radiance

    The assassins once again are active now and killing rulers all over the Roshar world and using all the baffling powers in order to frustrate every bodyguard and on the other end, escape all the pursuers. The Highprince Dalinar is right among the prime targets and are considered widely as the supreme power behind the throne of Alethi. His role as a leader in the ongoing war would look to be a big enough reason, but the master of Assassin has got a lot deeper motives.

    Words of Radiance

    Kaladin survived against the expectation of his enemies to die a very miserable death as being an army slave/ prisoner. He survived to take command of the Royal bodyguards, which actually turned out to be a controversial first for the “darkeyes” with a very low status.

    The Way of Kings and Starsight are also written by Brandon Sanderson and earned great appreciation by general audience and as well as the critics.


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