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The Primal Hunter Series

Jake and Sim-Jake spent 40 years in the Soulspace training in combat and reaching the peak of D-grade. After getting out, Jake immediately went to a dungeon to slay a two-headed hydra and create a new mythical skill, Eternal Shadow of the Primal Hunter. This skill allows Jake to create a shadow copy of himself that can react to attacks at the same time as him. After defeating the hydra, Jake returned to Earth, where he was informed by Miranda and the Verdant Witches that he had to welcome the Sky Whale, a powerful C-grade creature who would be joining the council as the final member.

Jake took a trip to Skyggen and spent time with his family before returning to Haven to prepare for the World Council, where he officially became the World Leader. He eventually returned to the Order of the Malefic Viper, along with Sandy and Scarlett. Jake spent his time doing alchemy and upgrading all his “of the Malefic Viper” skills to legendary rarity. He also learned of the First Sage, an extremely talented man who died while still in C-grade, killed by the Malefic Viper himself at the old man’s request.

Scarlett joined the Order of the Malefic Viper and successfully passed the trial dungeon, though she killed three members of the Order in the process. Jake returned to Earth and decided to explore the forest bordering Haven. He came across an ongoing battle between the Ethgleam Mothertree and the Fireheart Ursine Den Mother. Jake intervened and defeated both sides, collecting loot from them.

Jake then had the realization that he was a higher variant of human. He was given a race evolution quest, but the objective was “Not Applicable.” The Viper refused to explain this further, leaving Jake confused. He continued with his class evolution quest and chose the path of Arcane Hunter of Horizon’s Edge. He gained the skills Horizon-Chasing Big Game Arcane Hunter and Unblemished Arrows of the Horizon.

Jake evolved to C-grade and went through a skill rarity adjustment, where some of his skills were downgraded. He also received a new skill, Grimoire of the Heretic-Chosen, allowing him to create magical books for others to gain a class or profession. Jake then visited Arnold, who had completed the Blackpoint Nanoblade, a powerful weapon designed to pierce through any matter.

Jake set off to the termite plains to exterminate the termite nest. He fought his way through the tunnel system, killing many soldier termites and a Hive Queen. However, the nest had expanded significantly since his last visit, and he realized that clearing it out alone was too much for him. He contacted Miranda, who agreed to send reinforcements.

Jake continued deeper into the nest and encountered the Hive King and the true Hive Queen. The Queen offered Jake to stay and become her consort, but he refused. A battle ensued, with Jake eventually defeating both the King and Queen. However, he was overwhelmed by a wave of C-grade soldier termites and was forced to retreat.

Arnold deployed his scout drones to survey the termite nest. The drones created a detailed map of the nest, revealing its vastness and the presence of multiple D-grade queens. One drone ventured deeper and witnessed the termites battling local wildlife and claiming resources.

Jake woke up after a long rest and checked his loot, including the cores of the Hive King and Hive Queen. He received a strange notification that he had been branded a heretic by the Fourth Desert Queen, but the branding failed due to multiple factors. Jake then had a conversation with Villy, who explained the significance of True Royals and the potential consequences of Jake’s actions.

Jake and Irin went on a shopping trip, where Jake obtained new and upgraded equipment. They then had dinner with Scarlett and her friends, during which Jake’s identity as the Chosen of the Malefic Viper was revealed. The Azure Dragonkin, who was present at the dinner, insulted Jake and his companions, leading to a confrontation with Villy.

Jake and his party members prepared for Nevermore and discussed the type of party member they were looking for. They decided that a support-type member would be most beneficial. Nature’s Attendant, a powerful god and father-in-law of Villy, arrived with his granddaughter, Dinaldria, a dryad, who joined the party as the fifth member.

The group traveled to Nevermore City and visited Leaderboard Square, where they saw the rankings of previous Nevermore challengers. They learned that Yip of Yore, the Chosen of the previous era, had achieved the top rank. Jake and his party were determined to perform well in Nevermore and secure a high rank on the leaderboard.

Jake and the Sword Saint went to the northern arena, where they encountered Ell’Hakan and his party members. Jake revealed his identity as the Chosen of the Malefic Viper and rejected Ell’Hakan’s offer of an alliance. They then went to the southern arenas, where the Fallen King easily defeated a group of challengers. The Sword Saint also had a brief spar with the Fallen King, demonstrating his exceptional skill.

The group then proceeded to the entrance of Nevermore, a seemingly endless abyss. With words of encouragement from Villy, Jake and his party jumped into the abyss, ready to face the challenges that awaited them in the mega-dungeon.

Jake and Villy teleported back to the hall where the after-party was being held. Jake was a bit worried that things would be awkward after Yip’s sudden appearance and declaration, but to his surprise, the atmosphere was still lively. People were drinking, chatting, and enjoying themselves, seemingly unfazed by the events that had just transpired.

Viridia was busy talking to a group of people, including representatives from the Risen, the United Tribes, the Altmar Empire, and various scalekin. Jake joined the conversation and learned that many factions were interested in establishing new branches of the Order of the Malefic Viper in their universes.

The topic of Yip of Yore’s alliance with Valhal was not brought up, as people seemed unable to fathom the possibility of a Primordial being killed. The discussions mainly revolved around logistics, investments, trade deals, and potential new students for the Order.

Meanwhile, the younger C-grades in the hall were focused on Sylphie, the Fallen King, and the Sword Saint, hoping to join their party for Nevermore. The Sword Saint agreed to take on challengers in an arena to prove their worth, but he easily defeated all of them.

Miranda left the hall to deal with the overwhelming number of slaves that had been gifted to Jake. She learned that a total of 120 million slaves had been given, including over 5 million D-grades and 211 C-grades. Miranda planned to set up a one-way teleportation circle to transport the slaves to Jake’s home planet. She also realized that she needed to evolve to C-grade to better handle the situation.

Sultan, a merchant, was in a meeting with other merchants to discuss the upcoming Nevermore event. They were interrupted by the news of Jake’s ceremony and the revelation of the Vespernat True Royal. The merchants were instructed to procure slaves from their universes to offer to Jake as gifts. Sultan was hesitant about this idea, but he was overruled by the other merchants.

Jake and Villy met with representatives from the Automata Legion, the Endless Empire, and the United Tribes in a private meeting room. The Automata Legion expressed concerns about Jake’s ability to create True Royals and requested an agreement to limit their creation. The Endless Empire offered their support and resources to Vesperia, while the United Tribes proposed a potential partnership to revive their long-lost ancestral races.

Jake declined to make any commitments at that time, stating that he wanted to focus on Nevermore first. The Automata Legion gifted him a spaceship, and the Endless Empire gave him a token to communicate with Vesperia. The United Tribes offered a feather crafted for Sylphie, which would grant her beneficial Records and a second chance at life if she were killed before fully absorbing it.

Jake and his party then left the Order compound and headed towards Nevermore City.

Jake and the Sword Saint arrived at the northern arenas and quickly located Ell’Hakan due to his familiar Bloodline. Ell’Hakan had gathered a crowd to witness his encounter with the Sword Saint. He tried to initiate a conversation with the Sword Saint, hoping to arrange a talk with Jake, but the Sword Saint declined, stating that Jake was not interested in speaking with him. Ell’Hakan then asked the Sword Saint to deliver a message to Jake, expressing his desire for a peaceful discussion and offering an alternative to their mutual demise.

Jake, disguised as the Sword Saint’s great-grandson-in-law, revealed his true identity to Ell’Hakan, denouncing his deceitful actions and rejecting his offer of friendship. He pointed out the harm Ell’Hakan had caused on Earth and expressed his distrust towards him. Jake then turned to Ell’Hakan’s party members and mocked their choice to follow a coward who couldn’t even recognize his true enemy.

Jake and the Sword Saint left the arena, leaving Ell’Hakan and his party members stunned. Yip of Yore appeared in the void and discussed the events with Eversmile, expressing his confidence in Ell’Hakan’s ability to win over Jake and turn him against the Viper.

Jake and the Sword Saint regrouped with the rest of their party at the southern arenas, where they witnessed the Fallen King easily defeat a group of challengers. The Sword Saint then had a brief spar with the Fallen King, demonstrating his exceptional skill.

The group proceeded to the entrance of Nevermore, a vast abyss leading to the mega-dungeon. With words of encouragement from Villy, Jake and his party jumped into the abyss, ready to face the challenges that awaited them in Nevermore.

Jake and Villy walked out of the private room and back into the hall, where everyone seemed to have calmed down. The party was still ongoing, and while many had left, quite a few also remained. Jake saw that the Sword Saint, Sylphie, and Dina were still there, though the Fallen King was nowhere to be seen.

Jake found the King in one of the side rooms, talking to a small group of what Jake could only describe as beautiful women. They were all fawning over the Unique Lifeform, and Jake was pretty sure they were trying to convince him to join their faction. He didn’t want to interrupt, so he just left them be and went back to the main hall to meet up with the others.

“So, everyone ready to head off to Nevermore?” Jake asked them with a smile. He didn’t see anyone else they needed to talk to, and the after-party was clearly winding down.

“Yes, let us be off,” the Sword Saint said, nodding.

The others also agreed, and they all went to a nearby teleportation circle. It was a special one, made specifically to teleport people to the entrance of Nevermore, and after a few seconds of waiting in line, it was finally their turn.

“Any final words of wisdom, Viridia?” Jake asked the Hall Master, who had insisted on coming to see them off.

“Just one,” she said with a smile. “Do not take too long.”

Jake raised an eyebrow. “I thought we had fifty years?”

“You do, but the Chosen of the previous era completed Nevermore in less than three years,” Viridia explained. “And I am certain the Malefic One would not want to be outdone by Yip of Yore.”

Jake didn’t say anything, just nodded as he stepped onto the teleportation circle. The others followed after him, and they were all enveloped in a bright light. The next moment, they were gone, leaving Viridia alone in the teleportation chamber.

She watched the spot where they had disappeared for a few moments before turning and walking away. As she did, she couldn’t help but smile.

“This is going to be interesting.”



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