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The Tokybook community is thrilled to introduce the latest novel in Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series – “Wedding Bells”, celebrating 30 bloody fantastic years of the series. This time, wedding bells are ringing, but before walking down the aisle, Anita must face an obstacle more daunting than any supernatural threat….

Anita Blake, necromancer, is a small, dark, and dangerous woman. Her turf is the city of St. Louis. Her job: U.S. Marshal – Preternatural Branch. She has faced horrifying monsters and brutal killers, but still stands strong in the end.

Considering how things in Anita’s life tend to go, she never expected her walk to the altar with Jean-Claude to go smoothly. They’ve already faced naysayers and a power-hungry ancient evil, but now Anita must do the one thing that truly terrifies her: introduce her very religious and very human relatives to her fiancé – the newly crowned vampire king of America.

As Anita tries to keep the peace between the family she left behind and the family she has chosen, dark forces jump at the chance to take advantage of the chaos. With her happily-ever-after at risk and everyone’s immortal souls hanging in the balance, Anita grapples with a hard truth: Blood makes you related, but loyalty makes you family.

“Wedding Bells” promises to be a lavish feast for loyal fans of Anita Blake and a special highlight for the series’ 30th anniversary. With the perfect blend of horror, romance, and mystery that Laurell K. Hamilton is renowned for, this book is sure to captivate new readers as well.

The Tokybook community cordially invites you to explore our diverse audiobook library, where you can find “Wedding Bells” and many other captivating titles. Join us in immersing yourself in the world of vampires, magic, and thrilling adventures through the vivid narration of talented performers. With Tokybook, you have the opportunity to experience amazing stories anytime, anywhere.



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