Conflicted Home


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    A lot has changed in the life of Morgan Carter and his family as we reached the 9th book of The Survivalist Series. One thing that hasn’t changed right from the first novel of this series is its narrator. So no prizes for guessing the name of Duke Fontaine, who has done a great job in keeping the audience engaged with his powerful and soulful voice. The author as you all know is A. American, who is brilliant in his art work of producing thoughtful situations, sometimes literally out of nowhere.

    The only thing which could make the world of Morgan Carter even worse, just happened. The Japanese fleet got completely wiped out at the California coast. Morgan, his family and crew were well aware about the news as it was broadcasted on radio.

    Conflicted Home

    The fear of nuclear upshot was there, but still this wasn’t the only threat, which lake Country had to face at that point of time. Russians were found to have pathfinder units and Cuban forces were also assisting them. Something big and urgent was highly warranted at that time. The old man then called for help, especially after realizing that they are poorly equipped and they are encountering the armored units. The call for help finally got answered, but the support was not that easy as it seems. America was definitely struggling at that time, but hopes were there.

    Conflicted Home and Surviving Home novels earned great appreciation by audience for their epic drama, characterization and producing some amazing and thought provoking situations. These are also part of A. American work and deserves all the appreciation from the book lovers, who value literary art and its producers.



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