The Weaver’s Daughter


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Wars affect homes and villages for sure and these effects and impacts are not always economical or other such sorts. The affects could be psychological too affecting the minds and souls of the people who have faced the pros and cons directly. Love is not in the air from the start but in the middle it becomes the game changer for sure. It is the element of love that brings the families close together and save the family business from a total fall down. Sarah E. Ladd with Jude Mason as the narrator brings to our ears the war era in England.

The Dearborne family has been known for its loyalty in the village but it becomes difficult for Kate’s father to keep the trend alive when his pride comes in the way. Henry Stockton was a part of the world war and when he returns to the family home after a span of three years he not only wants his share but he wants some innovation in the wool mill.

The Weaver's Daughter

The family unable to digest Henry’s new thoughts faces one calamity after another and the grudge slowly builds between the families. Finally it comes to Henry and Kate to keep the family united and at the same time try to save the family business and the fortune of the whole village attached to it.

The Governess of Penwythe Hall and The Thief of Lanwyn Manor are other masterpiece of the author which doesn’t have the same scenario but one can see similarities at many stages and the characters even. Not much experimentation is ever done by Sarah in most of her books still every book has a special type of flavor attached to it.


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