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    Past just don’t let Jack Reacher live a placid life but the man is not bored at all in providing his services to the nation and to all that meet him on the way. Jack over the years has never left his enemies alive, showing mercy has never been in his dictionary. So far he thinks that he has terminated every enemy that has come in his way and on top of that list is the name of his most deadly enemy Quinn. There was a time when Quinn was a real pain in the head for Jack, and then he just got rid of him finally in the last encounter.

    During a visit to Boston, Jack saw a man just like Quinn and he was unable to believe his eyes. At first, he thought that the features resembled Quinn and the man was someone else. Jack just could not sleep over all of this so an investigation is launched at once. Lee Child portrays a different Jack here; he is going for a personal motive this time that’s why he is serious as hell.


    He is not threshed into a mission like Die Trying and Tripwire rather he selects it for himself. In such a mental situation he saves a boy too who was going to be kidnapped but this time Jack shows more violence than ever. He just cannot relax his nerves after seeing Quinn. Jeff Harding narrates a different side of Jack in this part, he is more aggressive and ruthless also showing mercy is not in his routine now. He just wants revenge at any rate and whenever he commits something he achieves.




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