The Devilish Duke

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    First of all keep one thing in mind that the book has mature themes so it should be kept at a distance from the children. The mature minds can understand what is happening in the story. Devlin Markham has lived a life full of pleasure and has not backed down from a thing which can give him pleasure and a day’s joy. Also known all over the town as the Devil Duke, the man has brought harm to the loving hearts of women because he does not care for love and his main preference has always been lust.

    Suddenly Devlin gets struck with bad luck when he is told that he has to marry Lady Sophie as quickly as possible or all the wealth which he has been enjoying for years would be snatched from him in a single day. When he meets the woman he is stunned to look at a woman who is not amazed by his personality and material wealth.

    The Devilish Duke

    Sophie don’t want to get involved with a man like Devlin and suddenly she is told that the orphanage which she loves so much is going down and only money can save it. Sophie didn’t like the man but she marries for the sake of money which he can provide in order to save the orphanage.

    When the two get married they are suddenly attacked by a criminal who wants Sophie dead at any rate. The race for life brings them closer and they feel that they need each other’s company all the way. Maddison Michaels The Sinful Scot and The Elusive Earl are not a bad option at all if the fans like the theme of this one. Justine Eyre’s awesome performance as the narrator of the novel has provided it an extra glow as well.

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