The Overton Window


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    The Overton Window is a genre fiction novel. It is written by Glenn Beck. He is an extraordinary talent as a radio host, TV producer, and political commentator. In nonfiction writing, he also impressed everyone with some excellent books where Dreamers and Deceivers is one of them. Moreover, his memoir about George Washington titled Being George Washington is also quite good.

    James Daniels is the narrator of The Overton Window. He performed this book with a lot of charm in his voice. It will feel as if James Daniels is directly talking to you.

    The Overton Window is a very powerful technique that could shape our lives. It could easily influence our laws and even our future. It works effortlessly by influencing the public perception so that the different ideas that were assumed to be radical at the start could become acceptable. Moving the window only over time could change the debate. Moreover, changing the debate could just change the country.

    The Overton Window

    It was quite safe for Noah Gardener to say that the political theory from his mind was the furthest thing. Noah was a smart, charming, and single 20 years old guy who was quite far from the different problems of the world. It was all because he was the son of a wealthy man. He was mainly concerned about his social life than thinking anything about the future of his country.

    But, Noah’s meeting with Molly changed everything. Molly was a woman who thought that America that most of us know would be lost for good in some time. She along with her other patriotic friends vowed to remember the past of the country and also fight for its future. However, Noah always believed that those folks were only the ill-advised type of conspiracy theorist.

    And then 9/11 happened and it didn’t only change America but all of the world.

    The Overton Window is a thrilling and chilling book. The content is very tempting which will push you to listen to it in a single sitting.

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