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    The previous chapter told us about the hero in making as he realizes his talent of killing men better than anyone else. First it seems to be the only way out for him and now he has started to enjoy the fame and the glory that he is getting becoming a celebrity in the public. Though he is still a slave but now he is hailed as a god at whose mercy is the life of many men and sadly he is all out of mercy.

    Arimnestos is not the boy who wanted to become a Bronzesmith like his father he still knows the craft though and remembers his family but perhaps the memories are now fading in the cheers of the crowd. Christian Cameron’s favorite character is left loose by the author so that it can evolve freely.


    Everyone likes freedom but at what price is the question this emerging hero asks to himself he slaughtered many men in Killer of Men and now to win the marathon he is asked to kill even more of them. Though a tough task because the warriors are better trained but the hero really shows them what he is made of.

    A battle is also approaching and one thing is clear that if Arimnestos is able to make his way to the battlefield he would get a chance to vanquish those who were the cause of his ill fate in the dungeon. The killer of men emerges but what if he kills even the man that is present inside him. Peter Noble is moving on with the passion that this thriller really needed in the narration because most of its part it is a war show.


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