Killer of Men


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    Killer of men is not only a thriller but it also tells us about the formation and rise of a hero who for the fulfillment of his prime goal is ready to do anything. Christian Cameron describes him in terms like the author has never done before. We have never seen the author so enthusiastic in describing characters and book is so rich in action that we at once go to Poseidon’s Spear and Marathon after that. The story begins with the clash of two nations that are known for the war craft in the history of mankind.

    Greece and Persia come to a fight like never before, Arimnestos liked farming in his boyhood but when the war breaks out he fights courageously along with his brother and father. Though they win the war but the boy is arrested and goes to the dungeons of slavery with no way out. The only solution to all his problems is the slaughtering of men that he does better than everyone around.

    Killer of Men

    Not only the young boy wants freedom but he also wants to take revenge from his cousin because of whom he faced such an ill fate. The more he kills the bigger legend he becomes because in Greece killer of men are always hailed as mighty heroes. It’s a savage monster that this village boy unleashes which has been hidden inside him right from birth and as he goes higher in fame perhaps he does not only want revenge. Peter Noble has narrated this monumental story in a big way, the grinning sounds and the feelings of grudge are uttered quite well no doubt.

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