The Apocalypse Executioner


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    The Apocalypse Executioner is the 8th chapter in The Undead World novel series. The book is a horror fiction and people would have a great time listening to its audio version. The audiobook is narrated by Basil Sands and his performance like in the other chapters of the subject series has been phenomenal.

    The novel is written by Peter Meredith. The novelist is a big name when it comes to writing on the best horror fiction, zombies or post apocalypse genres. There are many excellent novels credited with the author. A couple of those best ones from his archives are The Apocalypse Renegades and The Apocalypse Fugitives. Both these recommended novels are from The Undead World novel series and quite good one for hours’ long entertainment.

    The Apocalypse Executioner

    The war with Azael left the residents of the Estes Valley quite weakened. They are in complete isolation right in their mountain retreat. The fuel and ammo supple are excessively low. Neil bets on the majority of it on a gamble to locate Jillybean. She was last seen somewhere in the Missouri forests.

    Neil is the only person who was able to see in Jillybean with some chance at a new beginning. He is in good hope to setup his genius for the betterment of the valley. However, when the gamble goes wrong, he must send the only 2 trustworthy persons right in the middle of a dangerous world. They had to go there to get more supplies.

    Captain Grey and Sadie set off with a group of soldiers and are not seen or heard again…

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