Rip Crew Audiobook


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Rip Crew

Sebastian Rotella writes and narrates another one of his classic thriller in which he again moves from micro to the macro level as the story proceeds further. A simple murder case changes into an international issue that leads to something that could shake the heaven down and start hell on the mother earth. The top agent Valentine once again comes to the job as he is a specialist in such cases but he finds him face to face with the most complex case he ever solved. The story is will knit as this thing is the basic element of a thriller, one loose end can destroy the impact of the whole story in a second so the writers had to be quite compact and composed while describing the climax scenes especially.

Rip Crew Audiobook

The case very beautifully shifts from just a murder mystery of a group of women who get killed while they were staying in a motel room which they hired a few days ago into an international case that could raise catastrophe on earth and kill many more in different parts of the world. The link to the murder mystery in the form of a witness is also another spice to the story as we as readers to search for the witness in the story because he is the one who can make the whole thing clear for us.
The threat to the life of that witness is also enormous and it is up to Valentine to first secure the witness in order to solve the murder mystery and get to the root cause of this case so that he can solve perhaps the last case of his long career.
As a fact thrillers like this one catch the imagination of most of the readers and listeners of the story. You may also like to listen to the Triple Crossing, Finding Oscar for more ongoing drama around the world.


Rip Crew Audiobook


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