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    Ponter got transported to Canada from a parallel world, he adjusted with the language quite quickly but understanding the rest took a while. Mary Vaughan’s guidance helped him a lot in Hominids, thus with her help he got the chance to come closer to the human world. The author Robert J. Sawyer does the opposite in this second installment.

    This time Ponter has taken Mary to his world through the same channel that brought him to the earth. Mary lands in the world that is an ideal sort if compared to her world because problems like overpopulation and lawlessness does not exist here. Mary’s presence also makes the people of Neanderthal able to analyze the humans who according to them are full of all kinds of flaws. The humans pollute the surroundings and not only this they go against the nature which creates further troubles for them.


    On the other hand Neanderthals play a more sophisticated role in their environment; they don’t even use their land for farming. The Neanderthal just gathers food or hunt when it is needed they don’t waste their precious lands in farming. Second part of the series brings into our notice a very important part i.e the harmful aspects of farming. Robert J. Sawyer and Jonathan Davis in the narration of this section use a preaching tone.

    It looks like the two wanted to convey this point of view to the general public in an open way. Hybrids now will not only complete the trilogy but also there is a hope that the third book will provide a solution in which one would be able to get the best of both worlds.

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