The Apocalypse Revenge


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    The Apocalypse Revenge is the 9th chapter in The Undead World saga. The book is a post-apocalyptic science fiction fantasy. It is a wonderful novel that sounds even great in the audiobook format. Thanks to the wonderful and catchy narration of this chapter given by Basil Sands. His tone and expression has been par excellence throughout this novel and the entire series, rather.

    Peter Meredith is the writer of this novel. He has done some wonderful work in post-apocalyptic, science fiction and horror fiction genres. The Dead Eye Hunt (A Post Apocalypse Adventure) and The Apocalypse Fugitives are some quality novels from Peter Meredith that are worth mentioning.

    For Jillybean, the moments of pure sanity and extreme happiness are as fleeting as July picnic’s sun showers. The time she had with Granny Annie is one such special moment, but it ends a lot too quickly. She is again thrust back in a world of immense loneliness and also endless despair. She finds an orphaned boy named Chris who is of the same age as hers. He brings to her a god feeling of hope and that is something desperately needed by her. It is because she also finds a purpose, one with danger and one might end in the most terrible death that could be ever imagined.

    The Apocalypse Revenge

    Having gone through a terrible ocean of blood in her path from New York to Colorado, Jillybean is deeply haunted with the thought of revenge even. However, with the loss of a terrifying weapon, the revenge’s nightmare became a reality. Jillybean is now in a spot to throw herself for saving Estes valley from complete destruction. There is just one major problem here to address. Is this threat actually a real thing or not?

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