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    It was for survival that the colony was forced to fight back with everything that they were left with after the mother earth was destroyed.

    The war ended in a big was but the battle for survival is still on. One can say that the human race that was planning for the battle was in a much better condition in comparison to their current state after winning the battle. The war seems to be over but it’s not as the colony is struggling in many ways.

    The lack the supplies and some of the repair works appear to be impossible without a foreign help which they don’t have. Genesis   and Nemesis was hinting such towards such catastrophes but at that time the prime motive was survival and nothing else.


    Ken Lozito adds suspense and a little spice of pessimism in this chapter. Still after winning the war many think that they will not survive especially after seeing the condition of the New Earth. Vemus is now defeated but there was something on the New Earth too that eradicated the alien race and now there is nothing left on the planet. There is now an option that the colony and its inhabitants can now land on a planet after all these years of fighting and struggling for survival.

    Now the colony face the super predators that ware more powerful and devastating than the aliens that they faced and this time they cannot run away because the colony is not in an ideal shape. Scott Aiello’s narration has been making things happen for the series since book one and now is an addition of a mystery tone by the narratopr making things more attractive and hasty.



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