Heaven’s Door


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    Heaven’s Door is a science fiction and fantasy novel. It is the eighth book in The Messenger novel series. The book is jointly written by Terry Maggert and J. N. Chaney. They make a striking author’s pair and will mesmerize you with a good range of novels that they have written. Rage of Night and The Dark Between are a couple of other beautiful novels which the authors’ duo has jointly written.

    The audio narration of Heaven’s Door is done by Jeffrey Kafer. He has narrated all the novels in the series and this is one great thing that you will appreciate a lot. It is because of his awesome performance which will keep you entertained for hours.

    Dash and Realm were all done with their part in playing defensive. They were all set to advance that ongoing war to the Golden.

    Heaven's Door

    With many of the new deadly weapons made available at almost every turn, the Forge came into motion. They advanced for the furious combat well across the galactic arm. They left behind all of the wreckage in the wake. But, there was definite reasoning behind that wreckage and also for Dash. The war until then had the Golden allies just throwing them in from of the new weapons of the Ream. But, that was all due to change.

    The pilot of the alien ship captured by the Realm was not an enemy. He was an ally, especially if Dash could build a strong bond with the Rin-ti race.

    The Messenger is hands down the best mech series that you will ever come across. And, Heaven’s Door is one of its very best novels.

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