Blood Test


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    Lack of understanding between parents surely effects the children both mentally and psychologically but the case that Jonathan Kellerman has presented is a new one as the parents have come to a point where their disagreement is killing their only son but still they don’t agree on the treatment that is crucial for their child. Dr. Alex Delaware handles Woody’s case with extreme care but still he cannot do anything without the approval of the parents.

    Blood Test

    The plot is wonderful and also the thrill of horror is always there as the boy’s life is at stake all the time and he is losing the race of life minute after minute. The novel reveals the evils present in this world, not all of them but most of them in this single tale. The writer takes us to the underworld of crimes where sin is a routine and addiction is a fun, sex is done for pleasure and the only law that people follow is the law governed by money. Alexander Adams uses wonderful pauses and the scary tone in narrating the novel that makes it more and more interesting.

    The horror increases the more we move in the dark world in which Alex enters when he comes to know that the parents instead of starting the treatment of their boy just simply leave the hospital along with the boy and the only thing that is left behind is a stain of blood.  

    The progress of the story is at a rapid pace that can be seen in other novels like The Wedding Guest, Night Moves as well and that has been the way of the writer, to keep pace so that the listener never feels boredom and can feel the sensation all the way.


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