The Huntress


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    In the voice of Saskia Maarleveld the writer of The Alice Network, Kate Quinn presents to us another mission that is related to the world war and goes down in history as one the most significant mission that was completed by two women who belong to two different countries, regions and professions. They want to track the Huntress which means that right from the beginning we know that it’s time for the hunter to be hunted.

    The Huntress

    Both the women have scores to settle with the huntress that’s why they forget the differences present between them or their countries. Kate in so many of her novels has tried to highlight woman characters that stand tall at the time of danger or when the need arises, novels like The Alice Network and Mistress of Rome are proof of her priority to the woman characters. Nina and Graham the two ladies who first try to hide from the huntress and then join forces to hunt her really barbaric in nature when they reach to their full potential of savage brutality.

    The Huntress

    Nina was once a bomber and Ian Graham a correspondent but both after the world war have turned into hunters and they don’t hunt animals, they hunt Nazis. The novel wonderfully describes the effect and impact of the world war as the scenes are related to the post world war era also it highlights the zeal of human beings to survive at any rate, the temporary alliance is also a unique bond between two girls who ought to be enemies.

    Everything is just awesome about the novel, the description of the post and pre world war era, the development and emergence of women in the time of need and the skills that a warrior should have is aptly described.  


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