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The Burning Bridge

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Just when Will was selected as Ranger’s apprentice in The Ruins of Gorlan things started to get bad for the Rangers. It was because of an old nemesis that has finally gathered full power and wants to settle the old scores with the land. Araluen has faced wars before but nothing was that much threatening because lord Morgarath was under an arrest behind the mountains. For decades the lord has been one of the biggest enemies of the kingdom and now he gets the chance to come out in the open once more.

Will is new to the field and he is also not fully trained that’s why investigation work is given to him and he is not launched directly in the battlefield. Along with Horace a companion that is given to him, Will goes to a village nearby for some inspection but there is nothing left for an inspection. The village has already turned into a ruin, dead bodies are everywhere and the remaining people are captured by a mysterious force. Morgarath has started his mission of taking over the kingdom and his next target seems to be king’s army that he wants to attack with a surprise. Will and Horace can save the day but they are new and the task is bigger than they hoped.

The Burning Bridge


John A. Flanagan makes things more energetic by giving things in the hands of the youth. The youth no doubt is responsible but the question is about their capability that might not be fit for the job. The Icebound Land would now tell more details about the future of these two new lads in the gang. As far as John Keating is concerned he suffered a little during the narration of two heroes of the same age at the same time.


The Ruins of Gorlan

The Icebound Land


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